Monday, July 26, 2010

wow, its been awhile...

BW here. I have come here to post a million times but work and life have both been kind of crazy!! I will say, I am so glad we read Blue Like Jazz this summer. It has kept me somewhat grounded and given me something else to think about and re-center some thoughts on faith and life and so on and so forth! I would love to hear ideas you've had since reading it, if any!

I was thinking that you girls could try to focus on some cause and spread awareness on campus. another thought was that we choose something that we take for granted and work together on supporting that cause together in some way. those are very vague thoughts and something we can talk about when we meet again!

in other news, we have not chosen a baby name yet. I know it's out there, we just have to find it and have that ah-ha moment.

work is good, it's helped us get through the summer when it seems like all of kinds of crazy bills pop up. i really can't wait to be home with the jude-man again though. God has definitely provided for us and I am very very thankful.

Alice, as always, we miss you and can't wait to see you again! I hope work and being home is still going ok!!

talk to you soon!